Marathon PC Repair


Computer Repairs

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

-Virus removal
-Adware/Malware/Spyware removal
-Windows reloads/upgrades
-Parts replacement
-Memory upgrades
-Software installation

Free diagnosis & cleaning with in-shop repairs!

In-house repairs are completed in 3 days on average!
On-site repairs typically completed same day!

Custom Computers

Customized Desktop

We will work with you to determine your computing needs and match you with the most affordable name-brand computer, customized to exceed your needs without exceeding your budget.
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Built to Order Desktop

We will work with you to select everything in far greater detail, building a system from the ground up. Option best suited for the gaming enthusist. Potentially extremely high performance, with a price to match.
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Other Services

Password Resetting

Forgot your Windows password? We can clear it for you, so you can use your computer once again.


Enjoy the freedom of going wireless! We offer secured wireless (WIFI) networking setups.


Recycle your computer and electronics! Don't throw them in the garbage. Recycled electronics are repaired if possible, or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner - keeping your old electronics out of landfills.