Marathon PC Repair



My mission is to provide trustworthy repairs through excellent customer service.


My name is Bryce Whereatt. I'm a local Wausau resident, Eagle Scout, Wausau West High School graduate and Michigan Technological University graduate. I've been working with computers since I entered kindergarten. Over the years, I've worked with operating systems ranging from MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1 and all versions in between, along with numerous versions of iOS and various distros of Linux. I've installed and serviced computer networks, diagnosed obscure computer problems with uncanny accuracy and also dabbled with home electronics repair.

I attended John Muir Middle School, where I assisted teachers with tech support in the classroom. During middle school, I worked with The Neighbors Place in Wausau to refurbish used computers for Wausau residents in need. I graduated from Wausau West High School, where I enrolled in all of the available technology/computer courses. I was active in the Astronomy Club (more technology based than astronomy at the time) and I helped to organize and support 50-75 person LAN parties and participated in distributed computing projects (SETI).

During my time in the Boy Scouts, I worked with other scouts to refurbish used computers for those in need. I graduated college from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems and a German minor.

Marathon PC Repair's history started in 2001, operating as Bryce Whereatt Computer Services. In August 2011, the name was changed to Marathon PC Repair and the structure of the business was altered to better provide affordable quality service to its customers.


Marathon PC Repair leverages the power of cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide exceptional service to Wausau and the surrounding communities. By operating from the owner's residence, Marathon PC Repair is able to cut overhead costs, resulting in rates lower than its competitors, passing those savings along to the customer. All software installed on customers' PCs during maintenence is software I've personally used and endorse.

Through the Techs With a Heart program, Marathon PC Repair has refurbished numerous computers for a local low-income residents to enjoy the world of computing as of August 2015. I'm working to increase the number of computers distributed out to the community.


Through its mission to provide trustworthy repairs through excellent customer service, the possibilities for how much Marathon PC Repair can achieve is limitless. Marathon PC Repair will continue to enhance its presence in the communities it serves and offer its services at more than competitive rates, through constant process improvements and excellent customer service.


Our offices are located at 3008 Bluejay Lane in Wausau, Wisconsin.